Box Lunch Lectures > March 18, 2017 "Dayton Inventors"
March 18, 2017 "Dayton Inventors"
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March 18, 2017 “Dayton Inventors and Inventions,” Jim Charters, Historian, Carillon Park

 Inventors from Dayton are responsible for a wide range of ideas that have changed the world. At one time Dayton was known as the City of a Thousand Factories. James Ritty’s invention of the cash register led to NCR. Kettering’s automobile self-starter led to DELCO. Thomas Midgley’s leaded gasoline led to the Ethyl Corporation. And the Wright Brother’s airplane…well, that led to nearly everything else. Many creative minds from Dayton shaped the world we live in today. Jim Charters is a highly qualified subject expert in all things involving Dayton inventors. He is a spokesperson for Dayton History and is an interpretive guide at Carillon Park and Hawthorn Hill. Everyone in attendance will receive a free adult pass to Carillon Park.

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