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33 North Third Street - Williams House

The land was owned by Jonathan Haines in 1845.  In 1853 this home in what is called Chapman Square was purchased in a sheriff’s sale by Benjamin Roberts for $150.  The home has been described as a farmhouse similar to the Federalist Style.  The home still has the original hand-hewn beams in the basement with a summer kitchen awaiting restoration.  The entry way to the home has a floating staircase.  The floors are original and are mostly exposed.  Sometime in the past, the back staircase was removed. Bathrooms were added in 1949 and what is now the kitchen used to be two rooms as was the bedroom above the kitchen.  The front porch had its entrance on the end of the porch.   The Williams family rebuilt a side porch based on the pictures of the original structure.

On the barn wall, there are handwritten receipts from 1872 to 1876.  The barn was rented out for a horse stable for $1 a month. Past owners include John and Hannah Fetter (1874), Daniel and Maud Fetter Madison and Nellie Mc Kinsey (1938-1947), and W.L. and Mildred Sheehan (1947-1991).  The current owners, the Williams family, purchased the home in 1996.

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