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First Floor
Second Floor

Get a preview of all that we have to offer.  On this page, you will see the floor plans of each of the three floors in the museum. They are broken into three floors called the First Floor, the Second Floor, and the Basement. Each containing several rooms with different exhibits.

Please enjoy the slideshow below which shows the exhibits of the first floor.

Dining Room


This room originally contained two large oak tables.  The current table and the one in the kitchen are original to the house.  The additional furniture and piano were not found in this room.  Boarders were served meals by staff, ate on fine china with linen tablecloths and linen napkins.  There is a pass-thru used by the kitchen staff.  Inside the built-in china cabinet is a set of China in the same pattern as that used by President Richard and Pat Nixon while in the White House.  President Nixon's great-grandparents were Milhouses and Quakers.  They are buried at Caesar's Creek Meeting House Cemetery, near Caesar's Creek Lake.  The wallpaper is the same as an early pattern used except that the first wallpaper had a white background instead of yellow.

Please enjoy the slideshow below which shows the exhibits of the second floor.

Lytle Room


The small village of Lytle was originally called Raysville.  While it didn't lie near a river and had no mill, it was the end of the line for the railroad out of Dayton.  Unfortunately, the train couldn't turn around in Lytle and had to back up all the way to Dayton.  Founded in 1883 by Alexander Ray, the town lies on the west side of Waynesville at the Warren and Montgomery county line. Many items for this room came from the Clark and Campbell families and the Lytle Methodist Church.

Please enjoy the slideshow below which shows the exhibits of the Basement floor.

Laundress Room


This basement room was used to do the residents' laundry. The stationary 3-tub sink is still functional along with antique wringer washers, wooden ironing boards, canning jars, lye soap,  a pedal sewing machine, and one of the first electric refrigerators.

Thanks for taking the time to view our exhibits.

We hope to see you in the museum in the future.

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