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The Friends Boarding Home

The First Decade 1900-1910


1900: The establishment of a Friends Boarding Home (FBH) within the limits of this Yearly Meeting, having been brought to our attention by the philanthropic committee, it was decided to refer the subject to a committee for consideration and we appointed John L. Thomas and 11 others, who are to report to the meeting next year (Indiana Yearly Meeting Minutes, 1900).


1901: The committee to consider the establishment of a Friend's Boarding Home, within the limits of this Yearly Meeting, has had three meetings since its appointment. We have considerable encouragement given and interest manifested. We feel that the time is fully ripe for a united effort to establish such an institution. We have offers in the way of money and real estate to an amount, which we feel safe in saying, will reach $1,300, with some conditions. We think the establishment of a Home within our Yearly Meeting is worthy of further consideration. Signed on behalf of the committee: John L. Thomas and Emily J. Battin (Indiana Yearly Meeting Minutes, 1901).


1902: We your committee on the establishment of a Friends' Boarding Home, within the limits of our Yearly Meeting, have consulted together as our opportunities have permitted. After careful consideration of the subject, we are united in the opinion that the time has arrived for the establishment of such a Home. In addition to the financial aid reported last year, we have the promise of $1,500, provided the Home is located at Waynesville, Ohio.  As the amount reported last year was with the

understanding that the Home should be located at the same place, we would suggest the propriety of ascertaining if Miami Monthly Meeting would consider and act with this yearly Meeting in establishing such a Home, upon the northeast corner of its meeting property at Waynesville. If such arrangement can be satisfactorily entered into we

would suggest the location of such a Home there. We are united in recommending a building suitable to accommodate ten persons, with plans that will permit additions if found necessary. We are also united in suggesting that such a home should be arranged with the aim for the comfort and convenience of any elderly Friends that may desire to avail themselves of its comforts — signed by direction and behalf of your committee: Reuben M. Roberts, Mary E. Cook (Indiana Yearly Meeting Minutes, 1902).


February 5, 1903:  The first Mrs. Aaron B. Chandler, Abi Carroll, daughter of Enos and Mary Ann Carroll of Warren Co., Ohio, died. She is buried in Miami Cemetery in Corwin, Ohio (Section M).


May 18, 1904 - Work on Friends Home will Begin Soon:   The full committee having in charge the work of building the Friends Boarding Home held several meetings Saturday and reports from the various sub-committees were received and considered. The full amount of money required before building can begin, $15,000, was reported available. The building committee was given authority to proceed with the work of building at once. Grading of the site selected for the building, to the northeast of the Friends White Brick Meetinghouse, will begin soon. The building will face Fourth Street. One of the plans for the building now under consideration by the committee arranges for 19 bedrooms, baths, and, on the first floor, a large reception hall or court into which opens the dining hall, reception room, parlors, etc. At one end of the hall is a large open fireplace such as were so common years ago (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


October 5, 1904:  The official plans are: The building is to be 58 feet front by 50 feet deep, two stories with a basement below and unfinished attic above. The foundation and all walls are made of concrete, outside walls to be veneered with dressed brick, roof to be tile, supported by an iron post above the square. The contract includes complete installation of both city and rain water, the latter hot and cold in bathrooms, closets, wash stands and laundry. Light is provided for except fixtures. All drainage is to be provided and a 300-barrel cistern will be placed outside the building. The contract includes the laying of cement walks in front and at the sides of the building. The price complete on the entire contract is $10,000 (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


May 17, 1905:  Already Ann Vaughn, formerly of Richmond, now living in California, has signified her intention of furnishing two rooms in the Home, and Sarah Clifton, of Dayton, and Carrie Kane, of Richmond, have promised several articles of furniture for their use. The Home is built to accommodate twenty or more boarders, and the dining room will seat forty (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


June 7, 1905 - Superintendent and Matron Wanted:   The General Committee of the Friends Boarding Home at Waynesville met at Richmond, Indiana, at the time of the Whitewater Quarterly Meeting of Friends held Saturday, and a number of matters related to the future of the Home were considered. The Committee decided to invite bids for the positions of superintendent and matron of the institution. All suitable persons who feel that they could undertake the management of the Institution are requested to file their applications with the Committee, and all will receive due consideration. A great variety of matters concerning the institution were discussed, among them the matter of furnishings and a set of rules and regulations for the management of the Home, but no definite action was taken. Aaron B. Chandler, who has had charge of the construction of the Home since the failure of the Fox Brothers, the Cincinnati contractors, read an extended report of what had been accomplished and concerning the work still to be done. (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


August 25, 1905:   Lydia A. Conard hired as matron 8th mo. 25th, 1905 [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].


September 5, 1905:   Aaron B. Chandler is made superintendent of construction [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].


September 5, 1905 - Election of Officers (Board of Trustees):   President Samuel R. Battin, Vice-President Aaron B. Chandler, Secretary Edwin Chandler, Treasurer Rueben M. Roberts; Board of Trustees: Rueben M. Roberts, A.B. Chandler, Anna Kelley, Elizabeth B. Moore, and Georgia A. Frame.


September 11, 1905:   Lydia A. Conard begins her duties [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].


October 11, 1905 - The Friends Boarding Home was opened to boarders Monday: Mrs. Mary Terrell, of New Vienna, Ohio, was the first person to enter the institution, although others who have arranged to make it their home will come in soon. That the Home may prosper and long continue in a work of usefulness is the wish of the Gazette (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


November 15, 1905 - Auspicious Opening of Friends Home:   The opening of the Friends Boarding Home, Thursday, Nov. 9, was a crowning success in all its appointments. All the visitors seemed more than pleased with the building and the entertainment, and the management of the Home is happy and full of gratitude for the friendly courtesy and substantial interest manifested by the visitors. It is a day long to be remembered (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


November 22, 1905 - Many New Boarders at Friends Home:   Interest which has been manifest in the Friends Boarding Home since its erection was first mentioned has not abated, and since the building has been completed and occupied by the superintendent, matron and two boarders, Mrs. Mary Terrell and Miss Nannie Janney, others have become especially attracted towards it as a place of residence. Moreover, this week will see a number of new members of this family. Mrs. Bradbury, of Lebanon, took up her residence there Monday. Mrs. Bradbury is the widow of John Bradbury, who was for a long time a member of the prosperous Oregonia Bridge Co., but who died less than a year ago, leaving his widow with no near family ties. Rev. and Mrs. A.K. Sargeant, of Harveysburg, who have given faithful and loving service to the large congregation of Jonah's Run Baptist church for seventeen years, have given up housekeeping and are now boarding at the home. Mr. Sargeant is in Cincinnati several days of each week overseeing the erection of a new house, which has necessitated Mrs. Sargeant spending much of her time alone, hence the new arrangement. Mr. Sargeant will continue to care for his flock at Jonah's Run, however. Mrs. Julia Underwood, formerly of Harveysburg, but recently from Rochester, will arrive this week. Miss Libbie Randall, of Harveysburg, has been at the Home since the formal opening. Mrs. Mary Mills, of Lytle, whose husband, Mordicai Mills, died a few months ago, is expected to come soon. Miss Anna Schofield, of Knoxville, Tennessee, has provided one of the sleeping rooms a with a full set of furnishings and expressed a wish to occupy that room if she should ever become a boarder at the Home (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


December 5, 1905:   Aaron B. Chandler is hired to be the superintendent of the Friends Boarding Home.


December 27, 1905 - Christmas at the Friends Home:   The first Christmas at the Friends Boarding Home was a very happy occasion. A Christmas tree, attractively decorated, and gifts for every person in the Home were prepared Sunday evening. Christmas Day a bounteous holiday dinner was served (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


January 2, 1906:   Transfer of Deed from the Trustees of Miami Monthly Meeting of Friends to Trustees of the Friends Boarding Home. It is recorded in the deed record No. 89 P-88 of Warren Co., Ohio, Deed Records. It is out-lot #14. The FBH Trustees pay $200 to MMM Trustees. The $200 donated back to the FBH to use in payment of the costs of making the aforesaid transfer and any other accounts that will advance the interest of said Home [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].


November 14, 1906 - The Home No Longer an Experiment:   The Friends Boarding Home has passed the experimental stage and is surprising the expectations of its most earnest advocates. Every room in the Home at present is taken, and it has been necessary to refuse admission to several applicants because of lack of room. Among the late arrivals at the Home are Miss Libbie Carroll, of Lawrence, Kansas, and Mrs. Edith Butterworth, widow of the late Isaac Butterworth, who will remain for the winter. The Home is proving to be in every way what its founders hoped it would. The comforts of home are there, and a homelike air pervades the entire institution. It is to be hoped that within a short time it may be necessary and possible to increase the capacity of the Home and thereby enlarge its sphere of influence (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


February 8, 1907:   Aaron B. Chandler is instructed to have rules printed for the regulation of the household and the same placed where needed [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].


June 24, 1908:   The death of Aaron B. Chandler's daughter, Marianna Chandler, who had been teaching for seven years at the Clayton School in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday, June 21, 1908, was unexpected. She was 36 years old. Her death was a surprise and a shock to her family, to the people of Waynesville, and to her colleagues in Denver (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).


August 1, 1908:   Aaron B. Chandler and Lydia Conard receive a raise of $5.00 a week from $20.00 a month starting August 1, 1908 [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].\


October 27, 1908:   After a courtship of three years, Aaron B. Chandler married Lydia Ann Conard of New Vienna, Ohio (daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Conard), who had been working at The Friends Boarding Home as matron since its opening in 1905. They were united in marriage by Rev. J.F. Cadwallader at St. Mary's Episcopal Church rectory (The Cadwallader House is still standing catty-corner from the Friends Boarding Home facing Miami Street) at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 27, 1908. Their marriage was witnessed by Mrs. Cadwallader and Mr. W.H. Allen, the president of the Waynesville National Bank. By the time of their marriage, Lydia had become well known and respected in the Waynesville community. She became very active with the Eastern Star Masonic organization and was a faithful Friend at Miami Monthly Meeting. After a short honeymoon, Aaron and Lydia returned home to their family at The Friends Boarding Home. They lived in Room 1. They continued to live in the Friends Boarding Home until 1910 when they purchased a home of their own. (The Miami Gazette, Wednesday).

November 13, 1908:   The superintendent and matron report that the building was insured at a cost of $50.00 on $5,000.00 for three years [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].

February 12, 1909:   The selecting and planting of trees are left in the hands of the superintendent and matron. The rooms and halls of the FBH are to be papered. [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].

August 3, 1909:   Superintendent and matron report that sidewalks in front and at the side of FBH are finished, 1362 square feet, cost of $78.34. Handrails are placed at the north door, $7.44 [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].

February 11, 1910:   The Board discussed the need for painting and varnishing. A fireproof safe is bought and placed in the Home [FBH Board of Trustee Minutes].

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