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  • How large is the space?

We have just under 1,000 square feet of event space.

  • How many people can the event space accommodate?

Our max capacity is 50 guests.

  • What are the parking accommodations?

There is free public parking on Chapman Street and Main Street.

  • What is required to secure my event date?

We ask that you come in for a Venue Tour to discuss the details of your event and ensure that our space works for you.

Securing your event date requires a $150 save-the-date and deposit fee. If the event is canceled on your behalf, the $150 is nonrefundable. If the event takes place as planned, the $150 save-the-date fee transfers as your deposit fee and will be refunded after an inspection of the building once the event is complete.

For all Events, the balance must be paid in full 7 days before the event. If the balance is not paid in full 7 days prior, it is considered a cancellation, and your $150 save-the-date/deposit fee is nonrefundable.

  • Who will be on-site for my event?

No one from the Historic Lockup will be onsite unless agreed upon in advance and is written in your contract.

  • Liability Insurance

We do not require a one-day customizable insurance policy. However, we highly recommend that all clients do this. This protects both you and THE Historic Lockup. These policies typically cost less than $200 and provide liability protection for accidents, damages, etc.  If you choose not to have a one-day policy, the renter is fully responsible for any and all damages.

  • What types of events do you allow?

THE Historic Lockup welcomes all types of events!

Some examples include: bridal and baby showers, holiday parties, birthday parties and celebrations, photographer studio rentals, corporate meetings and events, book clubs, life celebrations, graduation parties, engagement and anniversary celebrations, and weddings!

  • Is the space ADA-compliant and handicap accessible?

Most components of the building are handicap accessible with a ramp located on the right side of the building (there is a street curb). There are no handicapped parking spaces available. One car can park on the left side of the building if needed.  We do have an ADA-compliant restroom. Note: that during events the space will be tight.

  • Is there an age requirement for attending an event?

THE Historic Lockup does not have an age requirement - we welcome all ages!

If alcohol is present at your event, it will be the sole responsibility of the host to enforce the legal age requirements for guests who are handling and/or consuming alcohol. Children MUST be supervised at all times.

  • What does Clean-Up Entail?

Clean-up entails disposing of trash in designated trash cans, placing used plates and dishes (if rented) in designated bins and ensuring all personal items are removed from the venue. The venue should be left in the way you received it.

  • Is a kitchen space available?

A kitchenette is available for use with every event booking. It is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, sink, microwave, and coffee pot. This area is for a caterer/family to work out of during your event.

  • Can I bring in food?

Yes! We are happy to provide a recommended list of catering options if needed.

  • Can I have alcohol at my event?

Yes! Your event cannot be open to the public. Alcohol cannot be for sale during your event. THE Historic Lockup assumes no responsibility. All state and local laws are to be upheld and are the renter's responsibility.

  • Do you have an outdoor ceremony space?

THE Historic Lockup does not have its own dedicated outdoor ceremony space. However, when the double doors are open the glass doors allow guest to see clearly. An arch could be placed between the double doors and with a speaker could create a magical outdoor experience while guest are seated at their assign tables.

  • Are candles allowed?

We don’t allow anything with a flame. However, all LED candles are welcome and we have many LED candles and centerpiece options available to rent.

  • Can we decorate?

Yes, however, nothing is allowed to be nailed, stapled, or taped to the walls or building structure. We ask that the floor be protected and covered when decorating. Excessive glitter or confetti is not allowed.  We want to maintain the history and beauty of the Lockup for many more events.

  • Are pets allowed?

We love our fur babies! However, we can’t accommodate pets inside THE Historic Lockup.

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