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398 Miami - John F. Cadwallader House

This home at 398 Miami Street was built in 1901 by the Rev. John F. Cadwallader to be the Episcopalian parsonage.  Reverend Cadwallader served as rector of St. Mary’s from 1898 to 1922.   As the story goes, the Rev. Cadwallader used wood from his farm in Wilmington to build the house and the woodwork that adorns the home.  The house was used for many years by the Cadwallader family and a niece who taught school across the street from the residence.  After a few years of not being used by the church the house was sold.  The current owners purchased the house from the Episcopal Archdiocese in 1984.

The original woodwork has been cleaned and few changes have been made to the Reverend‘s beautiful oak moldings.  The colonial four-square style home features a large central staircase that splits near the first floor to serve the front hall and the kitchen.  An original Farquarh furnace is still in service and works very well to keep the large home warm.  The home has a butler’s pantry, vestibules, stained glass windows and a big front porch.  The current owners like to treat it as if Rev. Cadwallader is still here watching over the “Manse” that he proudly built.

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