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15 South Third Street - Shipman House

This home was built in 1901.  One Sunday afternoon in the early 1900’s, the attic of this house caught fire.  As the Methodist Church finished services and people were leaving the church, they noticed the fire.  Members worked hand in hand to put out the flames.  Had it not been for the church members, the house would have probably been a total loss.  Ray and Anna Marilyn Miller owned this home from 1947 to 2008.  There are twin coal fireplaces in the dining room and living room.  The wrought iron fence is the original, along with an original cast iron flower urn.  The home has three sets of pocket doors, and original brass light fixtures.  The home was converted to a duplex in 1961 and restored to a one-family residence in 2008.

The house is currently owned by Andrew and Herchelle Shipman.

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