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Historic Warren County: An Illustrated History

Authors: Pauwels, Cynthia L. (Main Author)

Format: Books/Monographs

Language: English

Publication: San Antonio, Texas : Historical Publishing Network, c2009

More than 200 years of history await the visitor to Warren County, Ohio. Heritage, culture, entertainment, industry - we have it all! No comprehensive written county history has been published since the renowned Beers & Co. effort, The History of Warren County, Ohio, in 1882, so the various members of the local Heritage Advisory Council (HAC) took on this daunting task.

This colorful book written by local author and Museum at the Friends Home former Board member Cynthia Pauwels highlights all the wonderful features which make this corner of

southwest Ohio a destination for families, businesses and visitors alike. Following its incorporation in 1787, the newly-opened Northwest Territory provided a refuge for Quaker settlers who arrived in what is now Waynesville after fleeing their home state of South Carolina in protest against the scourge of slavery. The Friends form a still-active community in this diverse county which was named for the first American soldier killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, General Joseph Warren. Numerous stops along the Underground Railroad dot the gently rolling countryside; quaint villages line the curving rural lanes and historic buildings nestle gracefully alongside modern technology in a thriving county which is one of the fastest growing in Ohio. The spirit of freedom which led those brave pioneers is alive and well in Historic Warren County.

$35.00 Price includes shipping (to USA addresses) and taxes.

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